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Rondweg Zuid 21.

Winterswijk is a village in the eastern part of the Netherlands. And can be seen on the map, within a radius of 10 km North, East, and South of Winterswijk the village is enclosed by the German border. Winterswijk is one of the places in the Netherlands with the shortest distance to the Ruhr area, which is 85 km.


The site itself is located in the South of Winterswijk at the N319 provincial road, which leads to the A18 and A12 highways. This causes a great connection to the inland of the Netherlands, as well as the German hinterland. The location directly at a provincial road makes this site easily accessible for trucks.


Although it is a small village, the total logistical stock is almost 40,000 sqm. This is double the stock of for example Schiedam and Vlaardingen, which are located in the Randstad with great connectivity to the port of Rotterdam. Furthermore there is 0% vacancy in Winterswijk.


This asset is located at business park Veeneslat Zuid, housing different types of companies active in manufacturing, transport, distribution and heavier industrial activities.

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